Services overview

We are your partner for turned parts

Benifit from our expertise:

  • CNC turned parts up to 65 mm diameter via feeder
  • CNC turned parts of 65 mm diameter via chucking
  • Complete processing of CNC turned parts up to 32 mm diameter and 1200 mm length
  • Deep hole drilling

Galvanised/chemical surface treatments:

  • cadmium plating, Dacromet coating, chrome plating, Nycote coating, zinc plating, black oxide coating, copper plating, anodising, chromate conversion coating, nickel plating, phosphate conversion coating

Drehteile Mauch


  • free machining steels, carbon steels, tool steels, stainless steels (A2-A4) and high-alloy steels, non-ferrous metals, brass, copper, gunmetal, aluminium and other metals on request

Heat treatments:

  • hardening and tempering, case hardening, annealing

Mechanical surface treatments:

  • polishing, vibratory finishing

We are also your partner when it comes to weld nuts.

Schweißmuttern Mauch

Square weld nuts

  • DIN 928 and similar designs
  • M5, M6, M10, M12 to special thread 7/16
  • Special heights to increase extraction forces

Galvanised/chemical surface treatments:

  • zinc plating, chromate conversion coating, Nycote coating, phosphate conversion coating, copper plating, black oxide coating

Heat treatments:

  • hardening and tempering, case hardening, annealing

Our customer segments

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