Company principles

Costumer focus


One of the most important principles guiding our work is open communication with our customers.

When it comes to customer satisfaction we value personal contact. We also offer you personal service which means that we organise ourselves to meet your needs and

our business procedures are adapted to meet your project processes.

Employee professional development

Our company depends on motivated and qualified workers.

Open communication within the company to improve the company structure is another important component of our working day. It is important for us that our employees take the initiative in order to speed up developments and optimise working processes and quality.

Always being at the cutting edge of technology and expertise also means enabling our employees to take part in external training in their respective fields.

We are also able to guarantee that this expertise is passed on to younger colleagues through our in-house, on-the-job training.


Process optimisation


A company that looks to the future also requires continuous optimisation of the business structure, processes and products with regard to quality, economic viability and the environment.

Process optimisation at Karl Mauch takes place through CIP. This helps us to pursue the goal of continuously improving the quality of our products as well as efficiency with regard to our customers. This continuous improvement process is an integral part of our quality management.

It includes the minimisation of pollution from emissions and waste water as well as the continuing improvement and promotion of environmental sustainability.

Supplier selection

We always select our suppliers carefully according to defined criteria.

The most important thing for us is a long-term business relationship and reliability in terms of delivery and communication.

We also look at the quality, procurement and environmental aspects of any supplier we consider.