It’s all or nothing. When it comes to quality we don’t compromise.


We will meet your requirements.

We transform our customers’ wishes into product features which meet all requirements regarding durability, precision and economy.

Our QA department is directly integrated within production and monitors every step using tests embedded in the processes. This means that we can guarantee that our products meet the highest requirements of today’s market.

This quality assurance together with our experience and sector-specific expertise guarantee you the highest quality production process.

Karl Mauch Firma

We use only the latest measurement devices for checking and controlling our production.

  • Keyence IM 6120 digital measurement projector with optically controlled measurement system
  • Conturomatic CV 250 conturograph
  • Etalon 3D-measuring machine
  • HI-Tec measuring microscope
  • Mitutoyo measuring projector
  • Optisort "M" OTM 006 0503 test machine for 100% testing of mass parts

Our measurement and testing systems mean that we can reliably guarantee the quality of our products at each phase of manufacture.

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